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Many tourists choose to use Medan as a quick thru-point to travel elsewhere in Sumatra, but the city offers a glimpse of a large Indonesian city still unfrequented by western tourists, and shouldn't be quickly dismissed. However, Medan is more chaotic and has a bit more litter than Jakarta or Denpasar and open sewers abound. Furthermore, not as many people speak English in Medan as in other large Indonesian cities, but even a short list of useful expressions goes a long way, and Sumaterans are still unjaded by westerners.

Cultural :
Medan hosts a great lot of very nice Art Déco buildings from the Dutch colonial era, like the Old City Hall, the Post office, the Great Mosque and many business buildings in and around Jl. Ahmad Yani. Some of them are in horrible shape, but most of them maintain their old splendour.
· Maimoon Palace at BridjenKatamso street near Mesjid Raya Mosque
· Vihara Borobudur (Buddhist Temple) near Citibank building at Imam Bonjol street
· ViharaGunungTimur (Buddhist Temple) located at Hang Tuah street connected by TeukuCikDitiro street, beside UFC restaurant enter, The Temple is behind UFC restaurant, TeukuCikDitiro street is connected by Sudirman station Mesjid Raya Mosque at SM Raja street across of Yuki Simpang Raya mall and near
· Merdeka Walk (5 mins from Kesawan Square)
· Tondi Gallery (Contemporary Arts Exhibitions by local artists)
· AnnaiVelangkanni (Catholic Shrine with Tamil Hindu-style architecture

Food & Beverage:
Durian is one of the most famous fruits of both Medan and North Sumatra. Get the best price and taste when the season comes, which on July and December. North Sumatra has a lot of durian fields like;Sibolangit, Brastagi, Langkat, Sidikalang, Siborong-borong, Tarutung, Sibolga, Nias, Padang Sidempuan, Lima Puluh and Perbaungan. Get Medan durian at Sumatera street, Semarang street, Adam Malik street, Ucok Durian, and more. Price start from Rp 5000-50,000 (US$ 0.5 - 5) each depending on size and season.Famous dishes include:
· BoluMeranti, Jl. Kruing, near Petisah market distance between is 200m. The home-made roll cakes with variety of tastes, such as cheese, blueberry, mocca. The most famous roll cakes in town. and has branch in SM Raja street near Hotel Garuda Plaza.
· Bika Ambon &Marquisa,Jl. Majapahit, near Petisah area. With numbers of shops along the street there, you can do the selection.connected by rotan street in Petisah Market to Majapahit street

Outdoor Activities :
· Berastagi - popular mountain resort for weekend getaways, for Medan locals. About 1.5 hours drive from Medan. Check out other references to Berastagi, which is pronounced Brestagi by the locals. It's a really beautiful place. You can hike the two nearby volcanoes, Sinabung and Sibayak.
· Kabanjahe - the capital of the Karo Regency. You can observe and experience the life of Karo people by visiting the villages around Kabanjahe. Kabanjahe is also a convinient post to climb Mount Sinabung. If you wish to spend the nights in the villages of Karo people, go to Gumagaba Youth Hostel located on Jalan SM Raja SimpangAmplas, Medan to find more information. They will be glad to help you. Your contact is David Gintings.
· Bukit Lawang - A 3 hour journey from Medan, the latter half of the journey being a rather bumpy and pot-holed ride. A little village on the edge of GunungLeuser National Park that was once home to an Orang-utan rehabilitation center. The rehabilitation program is no longer running, however regular feeding sessions take places at the feeding platforms. Jungle treks can be arranged or you can just relax by the river.
Lake Toba - one of biggest fresh water lakes in the world. Formed by volcanic eruption. Has a large island, Samosir, in the middle. Danau Toba is an absolute must see, its a really magnificent place full of Batak culture on the shores of a mesmerizing lake.